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Dobermann breeding
Val Di Vetro


The farm is managed by Giovanni Creatini And Sonja Lanfer whose lives revolve, with passion and dedication, around the breeding and training of Dobermans. Together they pursue the goals of breeding beautiful and healthy dogs while staying within international standards.

The Val Di Vetro kennel is located in the beautiful Tuscany precisely in the seaside town of Go in the province of Livorno

If you want to get in touch with Giovanni and Sonja, call the number indicated on the pages of this site or fill in the form or send us a e-mail

To conclude, we are the best dobermann farm in Tuscany, contact us for any information on the dobermanns price for example.

"I breed Dobermans with passion, now my life revolves around this beautiful breed that we cannot do without!"

Giovanni Creatini

“My love for dogs began when I was 11 and in 2007 when I was 17 I took my first Doberman" Emporo ".
With him I started attending the expo and my passion started to become a job. 
I had a lot of luck with Franyo because he allowed me to travel around Europe to meet many people and see other beautiful dogs.
I consider my dogs as part of the family and am now proud to have 3 daughters and a granddaughter.
Since 2021 I am happy to work with Franyo's daughter, Carlotta, our new hope! "

Sonja Lanfer

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